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Face painting that once was chucking a bit of paint on a child's face has long since gone and now the paints used and the designs and techniques have become better quality and more interesting. Here at Party Faces we think that its not "just a bit of paint" and that the children WILL notice the difference between a good face paint and not so good. Party Faces strives to transform each child into what they desire, be it a tiger, princess, butterfly or dragon and make sure they have a wonderful experience too! Party Faces is constantly training and improving and learning new designs and can offer themed designs for your special event too!


For Safety reasons we cannot paint under 3's. WHY, WE HERE YOU ASK? Well under 3's immune system is not fully developed and painting so young can actually create and allergy to face paint even if they have been painted before. This is why you have special soaps and products for your babies and toddlers. Also it is often too hard for a child of this age to sit long enough to be painted and will only paint children who want to be painted as this is meant to be exiting and fun experience for your child.

Also anyone who appears to be ill/contagious or has any sort of skin condition that face paint may inflame can't be painted for hygiene reason.


Using liquid soap rub the face till paint is mixed with the soap then rinse with warm water and a cloth you do not love. Please do not scrub or use baby wipes as baby wipes may react with the paint. If a hint of colour remains then moisturise the area, leave for a short time then repeat the first steps again.

Party Faces offers face painting, balloon modelling & glitter tattoos. Chester, Runcorn, Helsby, Frodsham, Hoole Ellesmere port Flintshire. For fab face painting, balloon modelling & glitter tattoos. Contact us today! www.partyfaceshelsby.webs.com